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Woocommerce SMS Plugin

Inform your customers about their orders via SMS.
Get notified instantly about new orders!

Shipping Notification

Let your customers know the estimated delivery time, the product they bought has been shipped.

15 Different Scenarios

Add sms notification to nearly 15 events that occur in your system.

Send SMS to the World

Reach your customers all over the world directly by sending SMS abroad!

Try it Free

You do not pay for the add-on, only the sms you send are charged.

Compatible with Latest Version

You can use it with the latest WHMCS version with the constantly updated plugin.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Earn your customer's trust by notifying your customers about their order status.

What can you do with this plugin?

Your customer has created a new order with order number: [order_id]

The shipping tracking number of your [order_id] order [shipping_number].

The status of your order with [order_id] has been changed to shipped. You can track it with [shipping_number] on [shipping_firm] company.

Your order with [order_id] has been processed.

Your order with [order_id] has been cancelled.

Your order with [order_id] has been completed.

Your order with [order_id] has been returned.

Your order with [order_id] has been canceled because it is out of stock.

The refund for your order with [order_id] has been credited to your credit card.